Total Portfolio Update: October 2020

I haven’t done a portfolio update since the end of August, for that I am sorry. With the easing of lockdown and returning to full time work it has been a struggle to organize time to blog. However, that being said I have a program and timetable put together now to ensure a new articleContinue reading “Total Portfolio Update: October 2020”

Emergency Fund

What is an Emergency Fund An emergency fund is an easily available pot of cash to be used for any emergency or unexpected expenses. Such expenses include losing your job, the boiler breaks or your car breaks down. The purpose of an emergency fund is to provide you with a level of financial security incaseContinue reading “Emergency Fund”

2020 Financial Goals

Happy New Year, as we are now 6 days into 2020 we thought it might be useful to discuss financial goals for the year ahead. Financial goals like most other goals are very personal and subjective to individual circumstance, and therefore this post will aim to address a number of different starting points and circumstances:Continue reading “2020 Financial Goals”