Total Portfolio Update: June 2021

The key moment of the past month has been completing on our house purchase, my partner and I are officially home owners! With that, however, the last month has been a very expensive one. While it is rarely mentioned online the cross over period between buying a house, moving and ending your tenancy on theContinue reading “Total Portfolio Update: June 2021”

Total Portfolio Update: April 2021

This month is the first month where the monthly portfolio update will include our net wealth as a household. Therefore, I will not show the monthly +/- of each part of the portfolio as it would not be truly representative. The past month has been one of continued steady growth both in the stock marketContinue reading “Total Portfolio Update: April 2021”

Total Portfolio Update: March 2021

March has been a very steady month. Crypto has still be very up and down, but stocks have been pretty steady – at least dividend stocks have been. Growth stocks are still down from their previous highs due to increasing bond yields and reopening stocks becoming more popular. This update will be the last thatContinue reading “Total Portfolio Update: March 2021”

Total Portfolio Update: February 2021

February found itself being another up and down month similar to that of January. While there was a dip in the markets in the last week of January, this quickly recovered to then dip again in the last two weeks. Cryptocurrencies have been particularly volatile recovering from their correction in January to reach new allContinue reading “Total Portfolio Update: February 2021”

Total Portfolio Update: January 2021

Between cryptocurrency corrections, a short squeeze and a new president taking office in the USA it has been a volatile month. Bitcoin set an all time high just above $40,000 before correcting downwards by 22%; in the mean time ETH has surged by over 36% reaching an all time of $1,400. The stock market hasContinue reading “Total Portfolio Update: January 2021”

Total Portfolio Update: December 2020

Christmas this year has been very unusual, families were discouraged from mixing and presents exchanged in a socially distanced manner. I spent Christmas in Northern Ireland forming a bubble with my partner’s family, despite the very long drive it was very refreshing to get away from home for a little bit. The month of DecemberContinue reading “Total Portfolio Update: December 2020”

Total Portfolio Update: November 2020

November was a month that could have been extremely volatile but in fact turned out to be a really good month. We started with the US Presidential Election, which lasted a lot longer than predicted. There was less a blue wave and more of a blue trickle as up to a week later states wereContinue reading “Total Portfolio Update: November 2020”

Total Portfolio Update: October 2020

I haven’t done a portfolio update since the end of August, for that I am sorry. With the easing of lockdown and returning to full time work it has been a struggle to organize time to blog. However, that being said I have a program and timetable put together now to ensure a new articleContinue reading “Total Portfolio Update: October 2020”

Total Portfolio Update: August 2020

The past month has been amazing for growth of my investments. I had a reshuffle of stocks I owned which has clearly paid off massively! Markets appear to have priced in or shrugged off any covid-19 concerns it had and is very much on the way back up. Both the S&P 500 and NASDAQ hitContinue reading “Total Portfolio Update: August 2020”