How to Budget

Being able to budget is an essential part of managing your personal finances. Without knowing the figures it can be very difficult to save money, pay off debt and reach financial independence effectively. This post will take you through the steps to budget effectively and kick start your financial journey. What is a Budget BeforeContinue reading “How to Budget”

ISAs: Which ones should you have?

Currently there are four different adult ISAs (Individual Savings Accounts) which you can open and use today; cash, Stocks and Shares, innovative finance, and lifetime. Across all of these you can only save a maximum of £20,000 per tax year (Mar-Apr). You can also get a Junior ISA for children which has a maximum savingContinue reading “ISAs: Which ones should you have?”

Review: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert Kiyosaki first wrote his book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ in 1997 and has since sold over 32 million copies. Despite being written over 20 years ago, it is still extremely relevant. Kiyosaki details a series of financial lessons that were taught to him by his ‘rich dad’ who was his friend’s dad, a successfulContinue reading “Review: Rich Dad Poor Dad”

Build Assets, not Liabilities!

If I was to ask you, do you know the difference between an asset and a liability, you would probably respond with ‘yes’. But do you? If everyone thinks they know the difference, why is it that the majority of people have more liabilities than assets? This is the question we all need to askContinue reading “Build Assets, not Liabilities!”

Negative Interest Rates: How it affects you!

During this crisis countries have had to resort to a wide range of extreme methods to either maintain the economy or prevent mass unemployment. What would traditionally be considered unconventional monetary and fiscal tools has now become accepted as normal, despite being unprecedented for some. Economic policies are divided into two groups: monetary, involving interestContinue reading “Negative Interest Rates: How it affects you!”

5 Ways to Avoid Financial Disaster

In the current economic climate it has become more apparent than ever that you need to have a good financial plan. The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) reported on Tuesday (14th April) that the UK economy could shrink up to 35% this spring, and that unemployment could soar by 2 million. This would result inContinue reading “5 Ways to Avoid Financial Disaster”

Emergency Fund

What is an Emergency Fund An emergency fund is an easily available pot of cash to be used for any emergency or unexpected expenses. Such expenses include losing your job, the boiler breaks or your car breaks down. The purpose of an emergency fund is to provide you with a level of financial security incaseContinue reading “Emergency Fund”