Passive Income: Three UK dividend stocks to look at

Dividends are by far the easiest way to generate passive income, when re-invested over a long period of time they will compound to give you more income. If you want to invest in the UK market there are three dividend stocks that you should look into. Income investing is a long term affair where someContinue reading “Passive Income: Three UK dividend stocks to look at”

What is Net Worth – How to calculate your net worth

If you want to measure and monitor your financial progress then net worth is a really good way for you to visualise this. But what is net worth and how is it calculated? Contents What is net worth Why should you monitor your net worth How to calculate your net worth Net worth distribution WhatContinue reading “What is Net Worth – How to calculate your net worth”

The UK Budget 2021: Everything you need to know

State of the UK Economy To start off with, we need to know how the economy has performed and is expected to perform over the next few years. Obviously, this has all been dependent on the impacts of the Corona-virus pandemic. The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) has forecast that government borrowing will be £355bnContinue reading “The UK Budget 2021: Everything you need to know”

Total Portfolio Update: February 2021

February found itself being another up and down month similar to that of January. While there was a dip in the markets in the last week of January, this quickly recovered to then dip again in the last two weeks. Cryptocurrencies have been particularly volatile recovering from their correction in January to reach new allContinue reading “Total Portfolio Update: February 2021”

How you can reduce your tax bill

We all hate paying tax, it’s really depressing to look at your payslip and see how much money has been deducted. But it doesn’t need to be all doom and gloom, there a lot of ways in which you can either claim back tax, or not pay it in the first place (legally). Below youContinue reading “How you can reduce your tax bill”

Sage Group: UK Accounting Software

Sage Group, famous for its Sage 50 accounting software, is a UK based software company specializing in accounting, HR and payroll, payment processing and so much more. While the UK is not well known for having huge technology companies, Sage is one of the few high profiles ones. Contents History of Sage Group Latest financialContinue reading “Sage Group: UK Accounting Software”

Bad Money Habits to Stop, Good Money Habits to Build

We all have bad as well as good habits. When it comes to money, bad habits can cost us for years to come. Below you will find three bad habits that need to stop as soon as possible, followed by three good habits that will put you on the path to a sound financial future.Continue reading “Bad Money Habits to Stop, Good Money Habits to Build”

Total Portfolio Update: January 2021

Between cryptocurrency corrections, a short squeeze and a new president taking office in the USA it has been a volatile month. Bitcoin set an all time high just above $40,000 before correcting downwards by 22%; in the mean time ETH has surged by over 36% reaching an all time of $1,400. The stock market hasContinue reading “Total Portfolio Update: January 2021”