Lets talk about Legal & General (LGEN)

Legal & General (LGEN) is a multinational financial services and asset management company based in the UK with operations in both the UK and US. LGEN also has investment management business in the Gulf, Europe and Asia. Generally, LGEN’s stock has been a good investment gaining 23% over the last 5 years, but more recentlyContinue reading “Lets talk about Legal & General (LGEN)”

5 Money Arguments to have with Yourself while Self-Isolating

To start with, this post was inspired by an idea that Bear Money Blog suggested. Make sure you check out his blog and follow him on Twitter, @BearMoneyBlog. A common theme of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the need to self-isolate if you have tested positive or been in contact with someone who has testedContinue reading “5 Money Arguments to have with Yourself while Self-Isolating”

5 Tips to make the most out of your Stocks & Shares ISA

A stocks & shares ISA is one of the most tax efficient ways to invest in the stock market in the UK. That’s said are British adults using their ISA allowance to their full potential? The data, would suggest that they are not… According to data compiled by Finder, less than 5% of Brits haveContinue reading “5 Tips to make the most out of your Stocks & Shares ISA”

Should you pay off your mortgage early?

Being mortgage free is the dream of every homeowner, those who have achieve this dream now have a lot more disposable income to put towards anything they wish. For most this will be a question of allocating a regular over payment each month, however, some could do this as a lump sum; either as aContinue reading “Should you pay off your mortgage early?”

2 Dividend Stocks I am Buying

If you don’t know already, I am a dividend investor; this means I buy good quality stocks with a view to hold them long term and collect any dividends they pay out. While the plan is to one day have these dividends supplement my everyday expenses, currently they are reinvested. Reinvesting your dividends is reallyContinue reading “2 Dividend Stocks I am Buying”

How much it cost to buy our first home

In March 2021 my partner and I decided to start thinking about buying our first home. After around 15 viewings and 3 different offers later we started the formal process at the beginning of April. By the 2nd July we completed and moved in. We now understand why people said that buying your first homeContinue reading “How much it cost to buy our first home”

Total Portfolio Update: June 2021

The key moment of the past month has been completing on our house purchase, my partner and I are officially home owners! With that, however, the last month has been a very expensive one. While it is rarely mentioned online the cross over period between buying a house, moving and ending your tenancy on theContinue reading “Total Portfolio Update: June 2021”

Total Portfolio Update: April 2021

This month is the first month where the monthly portfolio update will include our net wealth as a household. Therefore, I will not show the monthly +/- of each part of the portfolio as it would not be truly representative. The past month has been one of continued steady growth both in the stock marketContinue reading “Total Portfolio Update: April 2021”

Why you need to Invest Ethically

The world is becoming more ethically conscious, we worry about our impact on the environment, does a company have good working practices? We should also look at gender and race pay gaps and board room make up – are their women or individual of colour in senior management positions? Below are 5 things to considerContinue reading “Why you need to Invest Ethically”