Hi, my name is Chris. I am writing this blog to document my journey through investing and improving my financial position. The end goal is to achieve a level of financial security that I do not have to worry should I not have a normal day job. I have been investing in the stock market, on a small scale, for over a year. But in April this year I decided to really ramp up my savings and investments.

Disclaimer: None of the content in this blog should be considered financial advice, I am not a financial advisor and you should always do your own research prior to investing. These are my opinions only.

A bit about me

I live in the UK, so must of my content is very much UK focused, but am a German citizen although I sound 100% British. I work in for a university students’ union, which I absolutely love, it is such a varied job. I was lucky to find a job after university which found to be very rewarding and challenging.


Also I am a dad to a very needy cat and a hamster. Never underestimate how much you can get from animals, they are dependent on you and in return for you looking after them you get unconditional love. Having struggled with mental health issues having animals in my life has really improved my well being, along with positive lifestyle changes.

I have always been interested in money from a young age. I would have a coin jar in my room which I would put any spare coins I was given, still do! It wasn’t until after university that I really got interested in finance and I started watching YouTubers like Graham Stephan and Andrei Jikh. Watching these amazing people made me think that I would also be investing and making my money work for me, so I got started.

Nerd alert! I am a massive coin and paper note collector 🙂

What do I invest in

I invest in a range of different assets:

  • Stocks and Shares ISA
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Physical silver

I hope to add property to this list at some point, but that might take a while yet.

Savings Statistics*

  •  15% of people in the UK have no savings.
  •  33% of all Brits have less that £1,500 saved (2019).
  •  22-29 year olds are the worst at saving, with 53% having no savings at all.
  •  Nearly two thirds (66%) of Brits do not have a financial plan.

*2019 saving statistics

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