Total Portfolio Update: June 2021

The key moment of the past month has been completing on our house purchase, my partner and I are officially home owners! With that, however, the last month has been a very expensive one. While it is rarely mentioned online the cross over period between buying a house, moving and ending your tenancy on the old house is extremely expensive; you are essentially paying to live in two homes.

As a result of the cost of moving our cash savings have been decimated, but I am not too concerned. We still have a small pot of money for emergencies and these extra costs are only temporary. Going forward over the next few months our priority will be to increase our cash savings back to the level of having a fully funded emergency fund. Any additional purchases for the house should come out of every day spending.

I continue to be really impressed with how my stock portfolio is performing with it reaching new highs. I am starting to see the amount of dividends being paid increase each month. Hopefully this month we will hit a major milestone of £5,000 which I am so close to now. Starting out I thought it would take a lot longer to reach that.

I have made three major changes to the stocks portfolio, 2 buys and 1 sell. I sold my position of AT&T (T) and started new positions in Microsoft (MSFT) and Tritax Big Box REIT (BBOX). I decided to sell T in the wake of the WarnerMedia spin off announcement, I have two reasons for this. First, a key factor in buying T in the first place was the potential that HBO Max had, with the spin off T will no longer own the platform. Secondly, I did not like how the CEO and managers misled investors with regards to future performance and the dividend. It was repeatedly said that the dividend was safe and T had a bright future with HBO Max. In reality the dividend is being cut in half.

I bought MSFT for the same reason I hold Apple. It has a fortress of a balance sheet with amazing growth. I expect MSFT to continue to grow and deliver for investors. BBOX has a great, simple business model – buy/build very big warehouses and rent them out to key customers such as Amazon, Tesco and DHL.

The Total Portfolio

Our total portfolio breaks down as follows:


  • Cash £2,255.52
  • Pension £12,806.39
  • Stocks £4,829.18
  • Cryptocurrency £1,131.56
  • Silver £106.22
  • Car £770.00
  • House: £145,000


  • Mortgage £129,915.95

So our total net worth is £36,982.92

For a breakdown of my stocks portfolio: here

Passive Income

  • Dividends: £5.38
  • Cryptocurrency: £16.00

Total: £21.38

All dividends are reinvested to produce more income. Income from crypto is currently just accumulating in order to hopefully get some capital gains.

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