Total Portfolio Update: April 2021

This month is the first month where the monthly portfolio update will include our net wealth as a household. Therefore, I will not show the monthly +/- of each part of the portfolio as it would not be truly representative.

The past month has been one of continued steady growth both in the stock market and cryptocurrency holdings. We are still going through the process of buying a house now with all checks having come back. Hopefully, we will complete the process sometime in July. Therefore, there has been no real change in cash deposits other that our regular savings amount.

In the stocks portfolio my monthly deposit went towards the Vanguard Developed Asia Pacific fund and All-World High Dividend funds. I also reduced my holdings of Energy Transfer (ET) by 21 shares and used the funds to by 1.9 shares of Activision Blizzard. With gaming beings the fasted growing part of the entertainment sector I thought it was time I gained some exposure to the sector. I still have a few companies on my watch list including Cisco, Berkshire Hathaway and Tritax Big Box REIT.

The crypto market has been very volatile over the last month with Bitcoin reaching a new all time high before crashing back down. Ethereum over the past week, though, has been smashing to new highs making its founder Vitalik Buterin a billionaire at the age of 27. My holdings of CRO have been pulling back over the second half of the month, but I see this as an opportunity to buy more!

The Total Portfolio

Our total portfolio breaks down as follows:

  • Cash £18,510.03
  • Pension £11,961.60
  • Stocks £4,500.91
  • Cryptocurrency £1,680.22
  • Silver £104.55
  • Car £770.00

So our total net worth is £37,527.31

For a breakdown of my stocks portfolio: here

Passive Income

  • Dividends: £4.91
  • Cryptocurrency: £17.35

Total: £22.26

All dividends are reinvested to produce more income. Income from crypto is currently just accumulating in order to hopefully get some capital gains.

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