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When it comes to cryptocurrencies and tokens there are lots of places where you can buy, sell and stake your crypto. Whether it is Coinbase, Binance, BlockFi or KuCoin there is a lot of choice, so why use In this article I aim to explain what functions that app offers, however, I will only focus on their main app not their exchange, DiFi wallet, or NFT platform – they will need to be a separate post.


  • What is the App
  • Buy, Sell and track Crypto
  • Earn
  • Debit Card
  • Future Potential

What is the App? is on a “mission to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency”, one way they have done this is by developing a user-friendly app to buy, sell and spend with cryptos. With over 10 million users it is a rapidly growing platform with a lot of potential. There are over 100 different cryptos available along with their own native CRO token which you can stake for enhanced applications.

The more CRO you stake, the more cash back and perks you can earn through their debit cards. You can even get better interest rates, up to 14%, on your crypto when you use their earn function.

Buy, Sell and Track Crypto

Through the app you are able to buy and sell over 100 different cryptos with very little fees. The cheapest way for you to buy crypto on the app is by setting up a fiat wallet which supports over 20 different fiat currencies. Once you have done that you can do a bank transfer to the fiat wallet and then buy cryptos. You could also buy directly with a debit or credit card, but this does incur a fee of 3% or £3 for every £100 worth of crypto purchases.

It is worth mentioning that when you buy crypto within the app acts as a custodian for your crypto, this means that you do not hold the private keys. If this is a issue for you does have a DeFi wallet where you do own the private keys, but this is a separate app.

You are also able to track over 200 cryptos from within the app as well as set up price alerts and price movement alerts. The app does have minimum buy and sell requirements which varies between different cryptos, for example to buy Bitcoin currently the minimum buy and sell amount is 0.000014 BTC with fiat, but if you wanted to sell BTC and buy CRO this minim amount is currently 0.00006237 BTC.


Within the app you are able to lock up your cryptos for a certain amount of time and earn interest on those deposits. Depending on what crypto you stake you could earn up to 8.5% on cryptos and 14% on stable coins. You are able to to stake your crypto either for a flexible, 1 month or 3 month term, additionally, the more CRO you stake the higher your interest earning potential is.

So if I wanted to earn interest on my Bitcoin over a 3 month term with a CRO stake of 5,000 or less I would earn 4.5% annually. But if I had a CRO stake of 50,000 I would earn 6.5% annually; If I had really big bucks and staked more than 500,000 CRO I would earn 8.5% on my Bitcoin.

Interest earned from you staked cryptos is deposited into your wallet within the app weekly in the crypto you staked. Each crypto minimum stake requirement is different depending on the crypto. For Bitcoin it is currently 0.005 BTC, for Ethereum it is 0.15 ETH, and for CRO it is 5,000 CRO.

Debit Card

The app also offer a great Visa debit card which you can earn cash back and other perks depending on your staking level.

You can top up your debit card from within your app with either your fiat wallet, credit card or crypto from you wallet. The Midnight Blue card is the free card that requires no CRO stake that gets you 1% cash back on purchases. Their most popular cards are the Ruby Steel or Royal Indigo & Jade Green cards. These cards will get you 2% and 3% cash back on purchases respectfully.

Additionally, you can get additionally staking benefits for each tier of card you go for. For the Ruby Red card you get a 100% rebate on your Spotify premium subscription, for the next tier up you get not only the Spotify rebate but also 100% back on your Netflix subscription as well as access to Airport Lounge. The higher tier card you go for the higher the rewards.

You can also enable your card to be used internationally with free FX exchange rates up to a certain limit depending on your card tier (0.5% after). Cash can also be withdrawn for free using your card up to your tier limit (2% after). Both of these features of the card make it great for holidays and general travel abroad removing the need to buy cash at a foreign exchange counter, which is a lot more expensive.

Future Potential and their associated products such as their app have great future potential. With already over 10 million users, this is a fast growing app which is constantly innovating and adding new features. I see the app being very much a bridge between the world of fiat and cryptocurrencies that will be crucial to promoting the mainstream adoption of cryptos. The app is very much a mini bank giving you control of your spending, transferring money to other people without having to go through a bank.

CRO market cap, CoinGecko

If you are interested in investing in the CRO token, this too could be a good long term investment. is considered a challenger to Binance which has a market cap of £65.8bn with a price of £437.59 per BNB. On the other hand CRO currently has a market cap of £3.7bn with a price of £0.15 per CRO. If CRO were to achieve BNB’s current market cap the price per CRO would reach £2.66. This is perfectly possible within the next 5 years, but I would expect to see a target price of £0.45-0.55 by the end of this year.

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