My 2021 Goals

This year… well what a year it has been! I know lots of people have been saying the same, but who would have thought at the beginning of the year that we would have to contend with a global pandemic. But you need to remember in a year of such obvious lows, there still have been positives to celebrate.

Personally, this year has been very successful both financially and otherwise. Lockdown from March until the summer was actually a high point for me. I have been extremely fortunate that my employer continued to pay my full salary despite being furloughed. This meant that I was able to save a considerable amount of money as, well, I couldn’t spend it on anything.

Lockdown also meant I had a lot of spare time on my hands. While I got a lot of jobs done around the house I took lockdown as an opportunity to learn. I have completed lots of courses relevant to my job, learned a hell of a lot about personal finance and investing, and started this blog.

Personal Impact of Lockdown

Lockdown meant that my partner and I could not visit family in Germany or in Norther Ireland. This of cause has been difficult and is in no way unique to us. However, it meant that we spent so much time together that I feel we have been able to grow more as a couple.

Having so much time off work also opened my eyes to the fact that I wanted to do more than just go to work, eat, sleep and repeat. It allowed me to explore my interests to the point I want to dedicate some serious time to them.

Finally and oddly, lockdown has had a very positive impact on my mental health. At the beginning of the year up to March I felt like I was very much spiraling into negative territory. Having so much time with myself with my partner, getting a cat just before lockdown and the freedom to explore my interests; I feel almost a new person.

Highlights of 2020

Here are some highlights from this year:

  • Learning – I have completed courses in teaching, PAT testing, mental health, legionella etc, all very useful for my current job and future employability.
  • Reading – I am not sure how many books I have read (but not enough) but key titles include, Rich Dad Poor Dad, This is Going to Hurt and Rules of Engagement.
  • Stocks – Before March I had only invested around £1,000 into the market, this now stands at over £3,000.
  • Blog – Started taking blogging seriously this year now with over 1000 views, this may not be much but to me this has been a major milestone.

My goals for 2021

  • To continue my work-based learning and to start working towards my category C1 driving license.
  • Read at least 1 book a month, and blog about them.
  • Grow the blog to achieve 1,000 views in a month.
  • Post at least 2 blog posts a week (Mondays and Fridays).
  • Grow the Twitter account for the blog to 1,500 followers (currently around 600).
  • Reach a net worth of £20,000.
  • Lose a further 5kg in weight (lost 5kg in 2020).
  • Run 2 half marathons.
  • Teach 300 people first aid in my training business.
  • Attend and pass my FROS course in May to qualify as a community first responder.
  • Start learning Python – I am a technological dinosaur

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