Total Portfolio Update: October 2020

I haven’t done a portfolio update since the end of August, for that I am sorry. With the easing of lockdown and returning to full time work it has been a struggle to organize time to blog. However, that being said I have a program and timetable put together now to ensure a new article is posted every Friday this month – so keep an eye out for that!

The last two months have been hectic to say the least. September was spent making sure where I work (a university students’ union) was ready to open. A hell of a lot of work was put in to ensure the building and our services are as safe and Covid-secure as possible. Honestly, the team I work with are just the best at what they do!

With students returning to campus we pulled off a great, socially distanced, welcome week. But with students back, it just meant my team would continue to be as busy as ever. The beginning October saw me pass my driving test (Yay!) and buy a car – in full of cause! Both of these saw a hit to my portfolio which will be sort term, better to pay upfront rather than with credit.

September and October saw my best two months of dividends, November is expected to be another record month with things dropping off in December. October has also seen some wild volatility in stock markets, especially in Europe and the USA. There are two key factors to this volatility – the upcoming US Presidential Election and rising Covid-19 cases.

On that last point, this week gone, both France and Germany announced second national lockdowns with Belgium soon following. Last night UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a minimum 4 week lockdown of England staring on Thursday 4th November. It is safe to say market volatility will continue throughout November.

Finally, a key change you will pick up on compared to the last update is my cryptocurrency holdings. I decided to sell the majority of my crypto to pay for my car, a good thing as the price of CRO soon fell massively. With that said I will be slowly building up a diversified crypto portfolio with regular monthly contributions.

The Total Portfolio

My total portfolio breaks down as follows:

  • Cash: £2,369.34 (-570.20)
  • Pension: £4,370.99 (+247.68)
  • Peer to Peer Lending: £781.49 (+2.30)
  • Stocks: £2,762.99 (+381.25)
  • Cryptocurrency: £114.70 (-618.20)
  • Silver: £104.65 (-12.40)

So my total net worth is £10,504.16 (-569.57)

For a breakdown of my stocks portfolio: here

Passive Income

  • Dividends: £6.40
  • Peer to Peer Lending £1.07
  • Cryptocurrency £0.19

Total: £7.66

All dividends and peer to peer lending interest is reinvested to produce more income. Income from crypto is currently just accumulating in order to hopefully get some capital gains.

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